Educating & Empowering Ourselves

ASEEN – American Sikhi Educational & Empowerment Network is a collaborative network to promote Sikhi Education and Empowerment at the grass roots level.

Their is an enormous concern regarding lack of a proper environment to raise Sikh children in the US and anywhere in the Diaspora. Despite continued efforts by the parents, the Sikh Community via Gurdwaras organizations, the youth is uninterested in the faith.

The Sikh community must do more to keep the youth connected to the philosophy of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The current situation in most cases is that parents are able to bring their children to the Gurdwara and even have them memorize a few verses of Jap Ji Sahib, names of Guru Sahibs, PANJ PIARAY and CHAR SAHIBZADAY. But mostly it ends there. As the children grow, they lose interest. The question is why?

The most important reason seems to be lack of Punjabi vocabulary to understand the proceedings. Even the youth that perform Shabad Kirtan rarely understand the meanings of the words they sing. So to build the vocabulary familiarity with Punjab, words need to start early. It is said that children at an early age can easily learn four languages, and Sikhs can take advantage of it. In addition to the local language Sikhs can teach Punjabi to our youth.

As best as we can tell, there is a great need to help parents so they may provide the proper environment for teaching Punjabi and Sikhi messages to their young ones. The environment starts even during pregnancy, before the birth and goes as they grow. Most important are the early years. Among the missing parts is the vocabulary.

The proposal here is to use technological advances to help improve the environment. Enhance the educational experience and empower the youth. Make online media available to all levels including expecting parents. The on-line media pieces can include like:

  • LORIAN that can be played to babies in the womb and to infants in the crib.
  • Story books and cartoon clips for the toddler.
  • Gurmukhi Alphabet lessons.
  • Punjabi lessons from first grade to graduate level.
  • Sikhi lessons from vey basics every day topics to graduate level courses.
  • Smartphone APPS and games to be able to learn Sikhi values and build on that experience.

A lot of work is already done in these fields. The need is to curate the already available media and present it in a user friendly, easy to consume and make it available at one place ( and develop that what is missing. Of course the best implementation is through parents and the Sunday School teachers in our various Gurdwara Sahibs.

The American Sikhi Educational & Empowerment Network (ASEEN) has taken on this project and request everyone to please visit to learn more about project implementation strategies.

Let’s empower ourselves!!

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