Celebrating Divali


Most of the Indian Community will be celebrating Divali on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

The Sikh Community also celebrates Divali in our Gurduara Sahib, though calling it BANDI CHHORE DIVAS.

The educated members of the Sikh community must help educate the rest of the Sikh Community about these facts:

  1. As best as the historians have been able to determine based on Bhatt Vahi’s records, Guru Hargobind Sahib reached Amritsar on February 28 and not on Divali day.
  2. As for lighting the lamps on this day, Guru Arjan Sahib, on page 821 of Guru Granth Sahib, proposes to his followers to light the lamps of their inner selves (not the lamps people light on Divali) to dispel the darkness of ignorance, and open the beautiful chambers full of jewels (Enlightenment).
  3. Bhai Gurdas Ji also mentions that the lamps that are lit on Divali give temporary pleasure and guides Sikhs to imbibe the Gurbani message in their hearts and obtain eternal bliss.

How great it would be if tell the Bhai Sahib at our local Gurdwara Sahib recite this Sabad and explained its meaning to the Sangat at the Divan on Divali day.

With that in mind may we request all who are reading this message to please forward this message to the management of their local Gurduara Sahib?  In case you know the members of the Management, you may wish to talk to them personally.

With the same objective in mind, would it be possible for you to please forward this message to all your Sikh friends? We hope we can begin to follow the path of Gurbani.

This request is made on behalf of the American Sikhi Educational and Empowerment Network (ASEEN). For additional information on this organization please visit us at ASEEN.net. If you like their vision and mission, please join the organization.


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