April 14, Vaisakhi: A Universal Brotherhood Day


April 14, Vaisakhi: A Universal Brotherhood Day

ASEEN supported by the Global Sikh Community, on the Vaisakhi day of the 550th year of Guru Nanak’s birth, proclaims April 14, Vaisakhi: A Universal Brotherhood day. According to Mool Nanakshahi Calendar, April 14 is also the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhi philosophy, preached the message of universal brotherhood of entire mankind. He preached the existence of only One Creator (whatever one may call It: God, Allah, Ishwar, Adonai etc.) and the entire Creation being created by that One Creator. Guru Nanak’s message of One Creator, the Father, and the entire humanity, its children, was accepted by the masses wherever he visited and by whoever heard and understood it. By this message he preached equality among mankind without any distinction of gender, religion, race, color, creed, ethnicity, or whatever else.

Guru Nanak travelled all over India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ladakh, Tibet, Amman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. for twenty seven years plus. Everywhere he went, his followers established centers for practicing Guru Nanak’s teaching.

While various selfish individuals were dividing the human family into various groups based on faith, race, ethnicity, gender, color, creed etc. and spreading hatred towards other groups, Guru Nanak was doing exactly the opposite. Guru Nanak was uniting the entire Human family under one philosophy of “One Creator, One Human family” with equal respect and love for all regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, gender, color, creed, etc.

Guru Nanak preached human family members to rise above such differences in faith, race, ethnicity, gender, color, creed, etc. and recognize The Creator’s beautiful Creation, with such differences, as one family with love and respect for all.

Even today, the practice of dividing the Human Family into various factions based on their religion, race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender etc. and spread of hatred continues. The enlightened ones today, realize that the message of “One Creator, One Human Family”, is equally applicable today and needs to be practiced by everyone around the world.

Guru Nanak had nine successor Gurus in human form. On Vaisakhi day in 1699, the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, firmly implemented the philosophy of everyone being equal children of THE ONE, The Creator, among his followers by creating an order of Khalsa, brotherhood of all those who accepted and strictly followed equality among mankind.

For that reason, ASEEN supported by Global Sikh Community chose to proclaim April 14, Vaisakhi: A Universal Brotherhood day, the Vaisakhi day of this 550th birth anniversary year of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhi Philosophy.

All religious and social organizations are encouraged to invite neighbors and people from other faith groups, race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender, on or around April 14 and share quality time, preferably a meal, to mark Vaisakhi: A Universal Brotherhood Day.

Updated: Atlanta City and Georgia declared April 14, Vaisakhi 2019 as Universal Brotherhood Day. Please read more here:

Georgia house recognizes Vaisakhi 2019 as Universal Brotherhood Day

Universal Brotherhood Day Proclamation By Atlanta City Council

Event: If you are in Atlanta area, please register here to share a meal with your Sikh Neighbor on Saturday, April 06.

Please use this Sample Email / Poster / Letter  being used by Atlanta Sikh Community and invite neighbors and people from other denominations to share a meal. Leave a comment if you need more help and information regarding this.


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  1. Wonderful initiative. In this age of human conflict & intolerance we need people who can spread the message of brotherhood & equality.



  1. Universal Brotherhood Day Proclamation by Atlanta City Council – Aseen
  2. Georgia House recognizes Vaisakhi 2019 as Universal Brotherhood Day – Aseen

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