Bi-lingual Sikhi Parcharaks (Teachers, Speaker)

This is work is intended for anyone who already is familiar with Sikhi and wishes to develop better understanding of the fundamental principles and develop deeper understanding of the Sikhi Philosophy. The focus here is limited to the message of the Guru Granth Sahib. The Sikh Rehat Maryada and other topics are left for other sources.
The approach taken is modular. The initial modules introduce very basic building blocks of the philosophy and the subsequent modules build on the knowledge gained in earlier modules. One may stop anywhere in the process and one would have developed clearer understanding of things one had already known or heard of.
This work is best suited for those who are interested in passing on this knowledge to others for example; Teachers at Gurdwara Sunday Schools, Teachers at Sikh Youh Camps, Speakers to non-Sikh Audiences and can be as one progresses one could become a Sikh Parcharak.

After completing the First Module, one would be considered competent to teach Sikhi at Sunday Schools at Gurdwaras.

The second module, it is the intent of the writers to issue certificates to those who wish to be certified Sunday School Teachers, Speakers of Sikhi, and finally Sikh Parcharaks.

Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-001Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-002Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-003Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-004Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-005Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-006Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-007Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-008Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-009Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-010Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-011Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-012Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-013Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-014Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-015Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-016Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-017Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-018Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-019Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-020Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-021Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-022Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-023Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-024Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-025Bi-lingual Parchraks Syllabus-page-026

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