Alphabet Worksheet

Provide these worksheets to kids in the Punjabi Language class to help them recognize and write Punjabi Alphabets


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  1. did you have any lesson plans when you join in. I see that some one is putting all Punjabi kids Alphabets in one place but we need the program that can teach Sikhi & language, we need small guru sahib ji’s stories. If we ask the kid Name, if they don’t add Kaur or Singh at the end we can correct but without their last names. we should have some rules if you are doing a big uprala for all Gurdwara’s to use this site. Like Kids Khalsa song is very good that teaches all 10 gurus with action & little specifications.


    • Thank you for you time and feedback. Yes, we do plan to add lesson plans and many other resources. If you have any specific sections and content/ videos for it to go along, please let us know and we would include that. Any input on lesson plans is also very much welcomed.


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