Our Network

ASEEN is a network of Sikh Institutional Organizations who have a passion and zeal to improve the Sikhi educational infrastructure and empower Sikh community both at institutional and individual level.

The resources provided and produced by ASEEN and their member organization will be instrumental in empowering individual members and member organization and ultimately empower all the Sikh youth and Sikh teachers / speakers.

Some of the founding ASEEN Institution Members that share the same vision, mission and goal are listed below:


  • Sikh Study Circle Gurdwara, Atlanta, USA

  • Sikh Speakers Network, USA

  • SEWA Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh Educational Welfare Association Inc), Roswell, USA

  • PiPPAL Inc (Partnership in Promoting Punjabi Arts and Literature), USA

  • Sikh Temple of Alabama, USA

  • Sikh Religious Society Gurmat School, Palatine, Illinois, USA

  • Jacksonville Gurdwara, Florida, USA

  • Simran Production, an International Production Company, USA

  • Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Opelika, AL, USA

  • Guru Nanak Darbar, Albany, NY, USA

  • Sikh Religious Society of Wisconsin, USA

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